Dictionary of Croatian Idioms

A born-digital, corpus-driven, open-access dictionary of Croatian idioms

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Project goal

The goal of the project is to create an open-access dictionary of Croatian idioms based on data from a large electronic corpus. The resulting dictionary will serve as a gateway for a large number of users and researchers to current idiomatic usage of Croatian.


The dictionary is based on the Croatian web corpus hrWaC (1.2 billion words). Using a large electronic corpus to compile a dictionary is in line with one of the key principles of modern-day lexicography: we can obtain reliable linguistic data by observing language in use.

16 March

Parizoska, Jelena. “Creativity and recontextualization: Lexical substitution in English verbal idioms”

45th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society Linguistic Creativity and Routine, Cologne, Germany, 8 March 2023

26 January

Dictionary launched at Zagreb Linguistic Circle

On 24 January 2023 the Zagreb Linguistic Circle held a launch for the Dictionary of Croatian Idioms, featuring the authors and reviewers – Professor Marija Omazić (University of Osijek) and Professor Anita Peti-Stantić (University of Zagreb).

21 December

Parizoska, Jelena. “Frazeologija i kognitivna lingvistika [Phraseology and cognitive linguistics]”

Center for Language Research, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, Croatia, 21 December 2022 (invited)

17 December

Parizoska, Jelena; Filipović Petrović, Ivana. “Izrada mrežnog Frazeološkog rječnika hrvatskoga jezika: metode i rješenja”

Dvostransko frazeološko delovno srečanje, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 16 December 2022

12 December

Filipović Petrović, Ivana; Parizoska, Jelena. “Online Dictionary of Croatian Idioms”

DARIAH Day 2022. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia, 12 December 2022

08 October

Filipović Petrović, Ivana. “Leksikografsko-lingvistički projekt u elektroničko doba”

Round table Phraseology and e-lexicography: Current research and methods, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia, 7 October 2022